ReFunk Your Business

ReFunk is proud to offer upcycling at scale for businesses who are striving to reduce their carbon footprint and centring sustainability in their mission.

The benefits of upcycling for your business are many. By upcycling with ReFunk you can:

  1. Boost your sustainability credentials by repurposing pre-loved pieces, and thus helping to fight furniture waste. By repairing and refurbishing existing furniture, your business eliminates furniture waste. Not only does this have a positive impact on the environment, but it allows you to further your business’s ESG strategy.
  2. Contribute to the local creative community by creating local jobs and supporting local craftpeople. Elevate your company’s social impact by creating employment for local craftspeople and nurturing your local creative community.
  3. Brighten up your business with beautiful and unique furniture. As companies globally rethink their workspaces, upcycling allows your business to transform their offices into collaborative, creative, and totally individual spaces.

Last year, ReFunk was proud to collaborate with EY Dublin’s eco-innovators team to upcycle a bespoke piece for their Dublin head office. The company were searching for the perfect bookcase for their second-hand book swapping initiative, and there was no better fit for such a scheme than a pre-loved piece lovingly refurbished by one of our expert upcyclers.

The EY team got in contact with us here at ReFunk and we organised a consultation with one of our talented and trusted upcyclers. This consultation allowed both our customer and the upcycler to coordinate on design, price, and logistics. Our upcycler worked on a beautiful, pre-loved bookcase, and produced a bespoke, upcycled piece designed with the company colour scheme in mind. The piece has now found a happy home in the EY head office, where it sits beside a plaque outlining its sustainability story, and an impact statement.

Of the collaboration, Kelsey Thompson of EY Dublin had this to say:

“I loved co-creating this beautiful bookcase with ReFunk in the EY colours for a second-hand book swapping initiative in the Dublin head office. We were very impressed with the seamless process.”

For those interested in creating a circular, creative, and customised workspace, you can find more information on ReFunk Business here.