The Personal Benefits of Upcycling

Looking for a reason to start upcycling?

We already know that there’s plenty of reasons to upcycle from an environmental standpoint, but what’s in it for you? What are the personal benefits of upcycling?

We asked some of our upcyclers why Upcycling is important to them and why they do what they do. Over and over again, the same themes and keywords came up: creativity, freedom, expression, escape, relaxation, independence, happiness and so much more.

Upcycling means so many different things, to so many people, but one common thread we found was that each and every one of our amazing upcyclers absolutely loves what they do. That love is self-evident when you see their beautiful pieces, crafted with so much care.

So, from our own experiences, and from chatting to our lovely upcycling community, we’ve distilled four great reasons to get crafty with your furniture into what we’re calling ‘The Four C’s of Upcycling!’

1. Creativity

Upcycling is an opportunity to let your imagination run wild! Whether you’re all about colour, print, and patterns, or prefer a more minimal approach to interiors, upcycling gives you the freedom to express your personality, experiment with colour, and bring your vision of a perfect home to life. All this while creating something totally unique, and being kind to the planet - what more could you want?

2. Confidence

Trying your hand at anything new can be daunting, but the good news is, it’s a sure-fire way to boost your confidence! The more knowledge you gain, the more ambitious and exciting your projects can become, and soon you’ll be thinking of your next best project nonstop. Upcycling will teach you just how much you’re capable of, and realising your creative potential is a great feeling.

3. Chill Time

Upcycling is a great opportunity to get out of your head, and to take some time for yourself. Turn your workspace into a meditative retreat, take the time to catch up on your favourite podcast, or blast your favourite songs and give yourself an instant mood booster as you work away on a project - however you choose to upcycle, it always provides the opportunity to get lost in your creative flow.

4. Connection

Just as it can provide you with the perfect opportunity for some valuable chill time, upcycling also gives you the perfect chance to connect - with yourself, and with others. Here at ReFunk, we hope to create an open, enthusiastic and friendly community of upcyclers, where we can all share our knowledge and skills, as well as our encouragement.

If you’re looking to pick up a new skill, discover a rewarding creative outlet, and meet other likeminded people, upcycling could be for you! Start your journey with ReFunk.