What is Upcycling?

Growing tired of those drawer-handles that were all the rage ten years ago? Can’t bear to part with the side table you inherited from someone beloved, but find it doesn’t match your home’s colour scheme? Is the cushion cover on your favourite chair running threadbare? Upcycling is the solution for you!

But What Is Upcycling Exactly?

Let’s have a look at our definition...

Upcycling: the process of transforming pre-loved furniture into a product perceived to be of greater quality, for its artistic or environmental value.

Great! That’s the definition in the bag... still not entirely sure? Let’s dig into things in a little more detail.

Restore, Refurbish, Repair, Revitalise, Revamp … ReFunk.

So, we’ve established that upcycling is transforming your pre-loved furniture – but what does that transformation entail? The possibilities are endless! Let’s take a look at a few.

Restoring Furniture: Maybe a beloved family heirloom has been passed onto you that has seen better days, or you’ve come across a beautiful but flawed piece second-hand… whatever the context, upcycling gives you the opportunity to restore, refurbish, or repair pre-loved furniture. Instead of passing up on a gorgeous antique chair over a broken leg, upcycling allows you to see the potential despite any flaws and repair a piece to its former glory – and beyond!

Refreshing Furniture: You may feel reluctant to part with a piece for a variety of reasons – sentimentality,financial reasons, convenience – but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your vision of a perfect home interior. Often, as we grow and evolve as people, our homes and our taste in interiors grow and evolve with us. Upcycling furniture offers you the opportunity to hold onto a piece, without compromising on style. With upcycling, you can completely transform an outdated piece according to your tastes and make that dream home a reality!

Revamping Furniture: Who says you need a reason?! Upcycling may just be the perfect opportunity for you to express your creativity. Use your pre-loved piece as your canvas and let your inner artist take control! Upcycling is an amazing creative outlet, that has the double benefit of allowing you to make your house a home as you do it!

So, what are you waiting for? Get upcycling!