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Bring broken furniture back to its former glory by refurbishing and repairing your piece with a talented ReFunk upcycler.

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Every piece has a story and becomes part of my story when I work on it. Come along and let me show you...


Tulla Stables Studios Co Clare

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Here to create beautiful things.



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I love to restore and enhance preloved vintage furniture without completely changing their original character.

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Marlow, Buckinghamshire

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Professional Furniture Upcycler 👩🏻‍🎨 Creating Beautiful Painted Furniture for your Home

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Lovingly restoring auld things


Co. Kildare

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Turning unloved pieces into Reloved


South Dublin

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London, United Kingdom

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Luxury, Bespoke, Reimagined, Vintage Furniture

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0 hires is the brainchild of Steve O'Connor. was created to provide bespoke upcycled furniture.



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Professional upcycler and largest Irish retailer of high quality, upcycling paint and products in Ireland and Northern Ireland!